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Termites Control Services / Termites Management Services

Queen Termite

Soldier Termite

Winged Termite

Worker Termite Swarmers

  • There are over 3000 described species of termite living today.

  • These numerous species are broken down into three main species i.e. Subterranean termites, damp wood termites and dry wood termites.

  • Subterranean termite is the most destructive & commonly found termite. It exclusively feed on wood & other material having cellulose. It requires moisture for its survival.

  • Through inspection of the property by our expert team is a first step toward the management.

  • We also treat the upper floors & furniture, fixture as termite can infest upper floors by gaining entry via infested building material or by swarms or by secondary colony.

BPC Termites Treatment

Termite is a hidden infestation as most of the infestation remains hidden inside the structure. Visual sign such as presence mud tubes, hollow sound of wooden fixture/furniture, discoloration of wooden flooring, paneling, presence of winged reproductive/swarms etc.

Through inspection of the property by our expert team is a first step toward the management. After inspection & interaction with property owner, occupant/property manager, we plan the IPM program for termite management.

Eliminating moisture from infested structure can helps in control of termite infestation.

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Termite Spot Treatment

Termite Management Services carry out spot treatment i.e. treatment of all visible termite spot by injecting/spraying insecticide.

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Perimeter Drilling Treatment

We treat the external & internal wall perimeter of the infested buildings.

At the junction of floor & wall, we drill 12mm holes at 30cm intervals. In this angular hole, we inject insecticide under pressure to create insecticidal barriers. After our treatment we seal the holes by white or gray cement. Similarly, we also drill holes around fixed furniture, fixture, door & window frames, cracks & construction joint.

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Pre Constuction Anti-Termite Treatment

This is an ideal treatment carried out during the construction. The treatment is cost effective & gives long time protection against termites.

STAGE 1 : Treatment of sides & bottom surface of foundation up to height of 300mm is carried out by spraying water based insecticide @ 5L/m².

STAGE 2 : We treat the backfill earth in immediate contact with the foundation by spraying water based insecticide @ 7.5L/ m².

STAGE 3 : We treat top surface of the consolidated earth within plinth wall with water based insecticide @ 5L/m².

STAGE 4 : We treat the earth along external perimeter of the building after completion after rodding at 15cm interval to a depth of 30cm to expose the foundation wall surface @ 7.5L/ m² of vertical surface with water based insecticide.

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