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Bed Bugs Control Services / Bed Bugs Management Services
  • Bedbug does not transmit diseases.

  • The infestation usually does not reflect bad housekeeping or poor hygiene.

  • The infestation usually does not reflect bad housekeeping or poor hygiene.

  • Bedbug infestation is one of the most common pest infestations, we are dealing with.

  • Bed bugs are small flattened, oval shaped insect, about 7mm (5/8 inch) long & are reddish –brown in colour. Their color is nearly white after molting, and then ranges from tan to burnt orange. After a blood meal, they'll appear dark red or black.

Their flat bodies enable them to hide in cracks and crevices in beds, carpets, baseboards, sofas, chairs, drawers, and even behind wallpaper and electrical switch plates. They normally hide during the day and feed at night. The piercing & sucking mouth parts of bed bugs enable them to feed on blood of man, rodents, bats, pets & other Mammals.

BPC Bed Bugs Management Treatment
  • Management of bed bugs needs patience & persistence.

  • Early detection and treatment are critical to successful control .Normally people start noticing the infestation only after crossing a certain level of infestation.

  • Before any bed- bugs treatment, we thoroughly inspect the infested area. Our modes of treatment entirely depend upon the infestation level, spread of infestation, infested areas.

  • We communicate our mode & frequency of treatment & after treatment preventive measure (needs to be taken care from client's side) before starting bed bugs management procedures.

  • We thoroughly treat all the cracks & crevices by injecting residual insecticide by using doctor's syringe. During the treatment we also treat all the areas such as bed frames, chairs, drawers, photo frames, area near electric sockets, corners mattresses & all other potential hiding & breeding site for bed bugs.

  • It is always essential to vacate the treated areas after our treatment.

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