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Wood Borers / Powderpost Beetles Management Services

Wood Borers

Powderpost Beetles

There are several species of powder post beetles are found all over the globe. They are varying in length from 1/16" to 3/8". They have flattened bodies, a prominent head & segmented antennae. Some time they can lie dormant for long period of time.

Actual damage is caused by larvae. Larvae bore into the wood as soon as they hatch. Living in the wood, they create tunnels called as galleries as they eat their way through the timber.

When the larvae are nearly full grown, they bore to the surface of wood & pupate. The adult bore out through the surface soon after pupation, pushing a fine powdery wood dust.

Mode of treatment is again depending upon the level of infestation. We inject oil based insecticide by doctor's syringe into the holes created wood borer. If the wood is in raw condition, we can treat the surface with oil based insecticide. It is always essential to monitor the fresh infestation.

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