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Cockroaches are among the most common pest in house, offices, food processing industries, hotels etc. They have remained almost unchanged for over 300 million years & hence known as living fossils. Most of the cockroach species are nocturnal and spend their days resting deep within tight fitting cracks & crevices. They have long slender antennae. Cockroaches use chewing mouthparts to scavenge on organic material. Cockroaches can eat just about anything & can survive without food for long period of time.

This insect can damage more material then it consumes & emits a disagreeable odor. Cockroaches are known for spread of number of diseases to humans including salmonella and gastroenteritis, dysentery, typhoid and poliomyelitis. Cockroaches can also cause allergies. Poor sanitation by one tenant can become the source of infestation for an entire apartment/building/ complex.

BPC Cockroach Management Treatment

Depending upon the level of infestation, its spread, past history of the treatment, we plan the treatment. We provide one time treatment as well as regular treatment schedule (AMC) For cockroach management our mode of treatments is as follows :

Cockroach Management By Gel

Cockroach gel treatment is a revolution in cockroach control. The application of gel is quick & does not cause any disturbance. Gel can be applied without disturbance to the persons, pets, material or appliances. This is a great relief for house owners, servants, and kids, allergic & asthmatic persons. There is no need for closing the premises after treatment.

We apply cockroach gels in the kitchen, pantry, store room, table drawers, near electrical switch boards, corners of refrigerators and all other areas where cockroaches normally hide & breed. The tiny gel spots are applied by specially designed applicators. While applying gel, we take utmost care that these gel spot are applied in such areas that it cannot be easily disturbed.

However certain preventive measures needs to be taken by the occupant as follows:

The gel spot should be protected from washing,dusts & oil spillage. The gels are sensitive & can be become ineffective, if any insecticide or cockroach repellent is applied near the gel spot. Hence use of any insecticides should be avoided in the areas where gel is applied.

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Conventional Spray Treatment

In the situation, where cockroach infestation is heavy & wide spread and requires immediate control, we carry out conventional spray treatments. We treat all the crack & crevices by injecting residual insecticide using a syringe. We also spray all cockroach breeding & hiding areas with spray pumps using residual insecticides.

Since these insecticides have a characteristic mild or strong odour, we always ask the occupant to close the treated areas for a minimum 2-3 hours after our treatment. To reach to potential cockroach breeding sites, we request occupant to empty out kitchen, store room, infested cupboards, lofts etc. for this treatment.

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Treatment of Common Areas of Societies

We spray all the areas such as ducts, drains, lift pits, manholes, garbage dumps etc. by spraying residual insecticide with conventional spray pumps.

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