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All these ants are found in every where no any specific area are afford by them. In our nature almost 22,000 ants dwelling are found. Ants are likely to be different from other species for their capability to work with groups.

Ants prepare a holes in the underground for their house called a nest. For leaving all other ants they enlarge the capacity of nest called Colony. Some are lives in dead woods or in damage trees and leaves.

This is most commonly found social insects which are lives in a groups of thousands. The groups of ants divided into three categories i.e Labour worker , King , Queen. The Labour worker ants main activity is collection of food. So, they always searching food wherever is available. Jointly all ants groups as support each other for living.

There are two types for controls of ants first is insecticide bait. This method are more effective for insects like ants because of their collect food and distribution within colony.

Another method for control ants is Spray Pesticide. For fast destroyed of house ants this method is more useful then bait.

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